"Valerie Flake stars Susan Traylor in one of the year's most uncompromising performances. Darkly comic, wholly original."
-Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun Times

"Susan Traylor was indelible with her poignant, painful work as a woman turned by tragedy into someone bitter and scaldingly sarcastic."
-Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times

"..the journey is truthfully and expertly handled by director John Putch and a fine cast."
-LA Weekly

"Spunky, realistic road-pic, romances, a la Scorsese's 'Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore'."

"If you see Valerie Flake, you might ask yourself why more films aren't like it. The answer is that there's no money in it. But while the preposterous stunts of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon may fill theaters, it is good to know that some independent films are still being made that concentrate on character studies."
- B. Koller. Filmsgraded.com 

"The film is carried by Traylor's strong, convincing performance. This indie has a good script, quietly assured direction by John Putch, and a plaintive score by Kathleen Wilhoite."
-San Francisco Weekly

"This darkly comic, exceptionally moving character study has drama, revelation, and expertly drawn secondary characters. But its power comes from Traylor's fearless, idiosyncratic performance and a deeply expressionist production design that makes nearly every object as evocative as the desert landscape where Valerie tries to paint again."
-Chicago Reader

"John Putch directs the film with an understated visual style and a methodical pace that reveals Valerie's emotional turmoil as it gently unfolds before our eyes, resonating, long after the closing credits.
-B. Peterson, Film Society of Northern California